An independent valuation provides peace of mind

Buying or selling a home feels more confident with the expert look of an valuator. Is the asking price for the dream house you want to buy realistic? Is the price you want to receive for your own house in line with the market? Nobody wants to miss opportunities, let alone worry about it. The external view of our certified valuator is certainly going to help you.


Also for mortgage or insurance

Even (soon-to-be) homeowners have to deal with a careful valuation. Have you just bought a home and need financing? Do you want to adjust the interest on your mortgage? Or are you thinking of moving and are you curious about the value of your home? A recognised valuation pays off.

NWWI (Dutch Property Value Institute) Punt valuators are affiliated with the NWWI. The NWWI ensures that each valuation is drawn up uniformly and according to clear guidelines. This way, as an involved party (lender, intermediary or consumer), you receive clear and reliable information and insight into the way the value came about.

5 benefits

1. All of our valuators have at least 20 years of experience with valuations. This experience was built up in the Utrecht housing market.
2. Punt valuators are NWWI-recognised valuators.
3. Our valuators work according to the NVM Code of Honour: we are independent of insurance companies or banks and represent your interests only.
4. Our valuators go ‘back to school’ every year to learn about the latest state of the industry and the laws and regulations. This means our knowledge is always up-to-date.
5. The valuation report our valuators draw up for you is accepted by all known banks.

Meet our recognized valuators!

Use your valuation report with:

  • The negotiations regarding your home
  • The determination of the official (WOZ) value, NHG or NWWI
  • The valuation for purchase or sale
  • Taking out a mortgage and insurances
  • Determining the rebuilding value
  • The tax declaration for inheritance
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