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With a toast to a good outcome!

Pleasant living means feeling at home. In an environment you like to be in. But your home also needs to suit your future life. A second child is on the way. You want to live together - or separately. Perhaps a ground floor home is better, or you want a detached home. All personal matters that lead to the step toward a new home.

Best price, pleasantly arranged 

In order to have enough financial leeway to purchase your new home, you try to get the most out of your current home. We can help you with that. In good consultation with the other party, of course. Wouldn’t it be great if you can celebrate a good outcome together afterwards?


5 steps to get the best deal

Het verkopen van een woning is een tijdrovend proces met veel onzekerheden. Wij nemen jou dit werk uit handen, maken je het zo makkelijk mogelijk en lopen in zes stappen met je mee van te koop naar verkoop:

Step 1: your home at its best
First impressions matter. That is why we want the perfect photography and video of your home, carefully look at all the beautiful details and complete the story with relevant information.

Step 2: start spreading the news!
At Punt, your home shines with its own website. Of course, your home will be on and in our new Punt Makelaars App. We have over 2,500 active searchers in our own systems. Publishing with NVM and Funda, in our shop window and in a sign in the garden or on the facade are also possible if you desire.

Step 3: arranging viewings
When people visit your home, we not only offer then something to look at, but something to experience as well. History, interesting details, renovation or construction options, something about the neighbourhood. We focus on their demand and help them reach a decision that feels good.

Step 4: negotiation
Negotiating the price: of course we do! But you may have additional priorities. The speed of delivery. The acquisition of goods. We take all that into account. That game is called negotiation. We always strive for the best deal.

Step 5: even the completion
Once the other party says ‘yes’, we certainly don’t say ‘no’ yet. We help you until all steps are completed. From checking the contracts to the notary visit.


Do you want to sell your house? Make an appointment without obligation or charge!



From for sale to sold in 6 steps

Selling a home is a time-consuming process involving many uncertainties. We take this work out of your hands, make things as easy as possible for you and take you from for sale to sold in six steps:

Step 1: Determining the asking price
With the help of certified appraisers, we determine the asking price and value of your home.

Step 2: Photography
Our photographer will contact you to schedule an appointment. During this appointment, he takes pictures of the home, draws up a map and creates a measurement report.

Step 3: Personal page
We then ensure that your home is seen via our own website and Funda. We create a separate website for your home, such as Could it be any more personal?

Step 4: For sale
We put a picture of your home in the shop windows of our offices (located at Weerdsingel O.Z. 48 and Meerndijk 17). Of course, we also arrange for a large For Sale sign to put in your garden.

Step 5: Instantly informed 
Now we wait for interested buyers. When viewings are requested, we inform you immediately. Of course, we keep you informed of the progress of a viewing and when a bid is made. 

Step 6: Finalisation
Once the sale is made, we take care of the purchase deed and its signing by both parties. The administrative and factual finalisation (presence with construction inspection and/or valuation) are also part of our range of tasks. On the day of the transfer of ownership, there will be an additional inspection in the home with the buyer. Next, we will also be present at the notary for the transfer of ownership.

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